Wooden Kitchens – a timeless style

Simple, elegant and with lots of character, wooden kitchens never really go out of style, which makes them a great investment for your home. Kitchen trends come and go, much like the clothes for sale on the high street, however a quality wooden kitchen can be ageless.

Where traditional styles might be just the right thing for a country home, Shaker-style kitchens are a versatile, all-round option that can look just as great with modern accessories as they do with more retro items. There are almost limitless options of whether you choose a natural finish or whether you introduce painted colours into your design.

It is important to realise that not all wooden kitchens are manufactured the same and it’s important to know what materials are used. The majority of kitchen doors in the UK are made from either Oak or Ash. Both species belong to the same family of hardwoods but they differ in appearance due to the shape of the grain running through them. Natural solid wood kitchens tend to be made using Oak doors whereas painted wooden kitchens tend to use Ash.

Wooden kitchens offer a lot of choice in accessories and finishing touches and look equally as good in large of small layouts. In smaller kitchens, combining natural finishes with painted finishes creates a feeling of space as it breaks up a run of units. The beauty of having a wooden kitchen is that, as a natural product, no two kitchens are the same. The subtle differences in woodgrain and shade give it a character that no other material can provide.

1. Traditional
lissa-oak-timber-shakerThe Lissa Oak Wood Shaker presents an irresistible combination of modern design with the dramatic beauty of natural oak graining. A wealth of design treasures ensure the very best kitchen options are available.





2. Modern
chamfered-shaker-ivoryThe Chamfered Shaker Door brings about a modern look on what is typically a more traditional style. Coupled together with modern stainless steel handles, this timeless design fits into any modern home.





3. Two-tone kitchens
manor-house-paintedThis charming two-tone Manor House kitchen design shows the impact of using more than one colour in a solid wood kitchen design.