Woodgrain and Painted Kitchens

In a previous article, we talked about the beauty of Wooden kitchens and how they are a timeless design that can suit any style of kitchen. A modern variant of this in current kitchen design is mixing painted colours with woodgrain designs as well as mixing the use of different materials.

grey-nebraksa-oak-and-aubergine   hemlock-nordique-and-steel-blue

Painted kitchens are incredibly popular at the minute which has lead to more and more people experimenting and mixing various colours together. Alongside painted kitchens, woodgrain slab doors have increased dramatically in popularity so it was only a matter of time before the two styles were combined into the same kitchen designs. Woodgrains and painted kitchen doors are easily interchangeable but there are some combinations which match perfectly to create stunning results.


Arlington Oak

The Sheraton Arlington Oak door is a versatile style which is a suitable match with most painted colours, especially White, Taupe and Aubergine.


Pacific Walnut

The stunning layered woodgrain of the Sheraton Pacific Walnut door gives it a warm feel which works perfectly with cooler painted colours such as Ivory, Light Grey and Steel Blue.


Grey Nebraska Oak

The Sheraton Grey Nebraska Oak door style is a very popular design right now. It has a deeper, rustic tone which complements well with neutral / cool colours such as Ivory and Light Blue. To really make a statement, it has been shown above with a warmer tone in Painted Aubergine.


Hemlock Nordique

The cooler shade of the Sheraton Hemlock Nordique door style works well with cooler painted colours such as the Steel Blue shown above.


To see more example using the combination of woodgrains and painted colours, come and us in one of our showrooms or ask one of our designers for some ideas of how it could be incorporated into your new kitchen.